Apeiron Review

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Apeiron Review is an online literary magazine that welcomes submissions from writers around the world. We are open to submissions every Spring for our Winter Issue and every Fall for our Summer Issue.

Please see our archives and read our submission guidelines for an idea of what kind of work we publish

What We Want

We want work with depth, dignity, and creativity. We want emotional content; work that makes us feel something. Something beautiful, something ugly, something that will make us ruminate.


Free verse poems are generally favored over those that rhyme. Experimentation is encouraged. Please send no more than three poems per submission, with a combined word count no higher than 3,000 words.


While there are no limits to form, please submit only one short story of 3,000 words or less.

Creative Nonfiction 

We accept non-fiction stories written through a literary lens. Please submit no more than one non-fiction piece of no more than 3,000 words. Writers must be prepared to support their story and assist, if necessary, with verifying statements of fact. The writer assumes all responsibility for inaccuracies. We will do our best to make sure that no one will be harmed in the publishing of a true story, but it is up to the writer to avoid slander and untrue statements.

Flash Fiction

We will review stories of 1,000 word or less. You may send as many as three flash fiction pieces per submission, but no individual piece may exceed the 1,000 word limit.

Photography & Illustrations

We are looking for brutal, surreal, experimental, poignant, and/or beautiful photography. Send us your best (high resolution) photos.


  • Apeiron Review takes one-time non-exclusive electronic rights and archival rights to your work
  • Accepted submissions may be edited for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We will not make large changes without first providing you with a proof for your review prior to publication
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know if a piece is published elsewhere. Be sure to formally withdraw the piece(s) in Submittable
  • We do not accept reprints
  • We do not mail out contracts. By submitting to us you are agreeing to the above terms.

Payment & Addtitional Information

Currently there is no payment for publication. We're working on this.

 You may include a 100-150 word bio in the third person in your cover letter, but please do not include any identifying information within your work. 

On average, we publish 6% of submissions sent to us, and we are unable to provide personal feedback to all submissions.

Response time can vary given the number of submissions, but we aim for a response time of three months or less.

Apeiron Review